Friday, October 11, 2013

Three Girls Killed an Innocent Puppy

A video has leaked through the web and it has made it's viewers sick to their stomach when they found out that it was 3 teenage girls (all to be found as filipina) stomping and kicking an innocent puppy until it passed out and died.  
Puppy crushed tortured and killed by three women

The puppy is described by animal experts as a 3 - 4 month old mongrel puppy, weighing about 1-3 lb (0.45 - 1.4 kg). It's not certain whether these women own the puppy or not but they do have the video taken on their garage. The color of the puppy is black and white with the size of a normal human foot. And seem to be in complete healthy shape at the first second of the video.

The lenght of the video ran for exactly 19:54 and for the whole entire time it was all torture and manhandling. The way they kick and stomp at the puppy is all by force and the often like to roll the dog and step on it's stomach, which would cause extreme pressure to it's lungs causing for it to gasp for air. 

 At the last minutes of the video all of the girls were pressing their feet all at once at the puppy until it stops moving, even standing on it all at once. At the very last second of the video the camera slowly raises up to the face of the girls while standing on the dog looking as if they're sending a message. A boastful look with a confident smirk looking down at the camera with all of the hanging on to each other so that they won't fall off.

 This video's origin is unknown but the time of it recorded basing on the background is probably early-afternoon. This has not been shown to federal law or PETA. It is only certain that this took place in Philippines.   


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