Saturday, July 27, 2013

Paolo Bideones Video Scandal Leaked Spread Online

Among Today's celebrities, Paolo Bediones would be the least you'd expect to have a sex video. However, that's allegedly what is spreading on the internet and social media now photos and video of a sex scandal involving Paolo Bediones

TV5 host/news anchor Paolo Bediones is now being tagged in a sex video scandal which is currently spreading like wildfire on social media.

The 40-year-old journalist was seen in a very private moment with a “sexy starlet” on the video which lasted for about 7 minutes.

According to reports, Paolo admitted before that he once made a sex video with a female sexy star and assured the public that the video was destroyed and he was confident that it will never leak. However, He did not name the sexy star that he had an affair with.

Unfortunately, the sex video made its way to the file sharing website mediashare and screengrabs from the said video are now being posted on Facebook and Twitter by those who have seen it.

The TV personality is expected to release a statement to confirm or deny the existence of such video any moment now. 

Watch Full Video Here :